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What people are saying...

Pippin, age 11, "I think it's a really great game, and even my mum likes it! She doesn't play many games. I love that it's all about native birds and I like that it's not all about one thing, you can choose to do different things on your turn. I would definitely recommend it to other families, to play :)"

Nina, age almost 9, "I really really like it! I think that it's a really good game, I like that all the birds are native to NZ, and I rate it 10/10"

"Sensational game! Our family found it in the bunkhouse on Tiritiri Matangi last night and purchased our own copy from the Tiri gift shop this morning. Just played again tonight with our kids aged 4 and 8. Clever gameplay, thoughtful design and beautiful artwork. Amazing job."

"Our family have been playing Flappy Families consistently for days. It is a wonderful game!"

"We had a great time having our first games of Flappy Families today. Kids won 2 of 3 games against grownups. Mr 5yrs even came first equal in one game."

"Great introductory game for children and non board gamers alike. Unique matching and set collection game. Games are very quick and can get multiple playthroughs in. I feel this game is best utilized as a start game to a game night or in between longer games to decompress."

"Kids haven't stopped playing it since we got it."

"I'm so not a fan of memory games, but Flappy Families got approved by our family yesterday. What a sweet upgrade from the classic options. The game plays fast, the artwork is great (especially the birds) and the game components are of good quality."

"This is such a delightful game to play with our kids (6 and 8). It was easy to learn and teach, the memory aspect was enough to keep our kids engaged (they watched the cards like a hawk), and it is the perfect length for a game before bed."

"We love Flappy Families. It has been played so many times over the summer. Sometimes multiple times a day. It is a great game for the whole family. Even our 4 year old can play with us. Based on the classic memory game, it has enough twists and updates to keep it interesting. The artwork is beautiful, the names of the bird families are fun, and it introduces us all to some of NZ's native birds. We love it! Congratulations on creating such a fun and family friendly game."

"Hi there, Just thought I'd let you know this boardgame is a total winner! My 6&9 yr olds want to play it multiple times a day, sometimes even before breakfast, even a whole month after Christmas. Thanks."


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