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A Game For The Whole Family

Flappy Families is a family-friendly board game for 2 - 5 players where players collect sets of native New Zealand birds while trying to avoid the Predators!

Players engage their memory to try and match birds of the same families. As well as flipping cards face up on the board players will be putting their own cards face down onto the board. They will be able to use this information to try and make future matches - unless another player foils their plan!

At the end of the game the player with the best collection of birds, judged by having large families and by collecting birds from the special bonus point families, will be crowned the winner.

The game features 51 unique illustrations of native New Zealand birds, as well as the fearsome predator: the Stoat. The beautiful illustrations have been made by the talented Auckland-based Sam Kim.

The Native NZ Bird Game

Flappy Families features 50 unique native New Zealand birds from all over the country. It's a quick-to-play game that's easy to learn and great for kids and adults to play together.

Check out our overview video for more about the game, and to see what's in the box.

The Kiwi Family Behind Flappy Families

We are the Richdale family. I'm Andy, and I was inspired to create this game while living in the beautiful Waitākere Ranges of West Auckland, New Zealand, surrounded by native bush and bird life. It's been a team project with my wife, Anna. She has lead the production, marketing and logistics for the game. Our three children have assisted with their moral support and a lot of playtesting.

We wanted to create a board game for all ages where adults and children could enjoy playing together. The memory aspect of the game means children are exceptionally good at the game. You won't have to let your kids win, they'll do that on their own!


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